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Frostgrave Game 12 - Christmas in the Frozen City

A week or two ago we played the twelfth and final game of the 2017 Frostgrave Campaign.  Unfortunately, only five of the players were able to make it, but we had cookies, coffee, and some small gifts.

A view of the set-up
The scenario we did we called Red Sled Down, and featured St Nick’s sleigh crashing over Felstad, scattering packages throughout the ruins.  Also, St Nick and Mrs. Nick had survived the crash, and are stranded in the ruins.  To add a little more challenge to the mix, we also added two teams of six goblins who were trying to gather up the packages for themselves.  They were ruled to move towards the closest unclaimed packages first.  If there were no unclaimed ones nearby, then they would try to get claimed ones.  More information an be found in Quail's report: Frostgrave Campaign '17, Game 12: Red Sled Down, or, The Last Excursion
Jolly St Nick stuck on top of a ruined tower
Mrs. St Nick on top of some ruins
One of the groups of goblins looking for presents
Bemis' Report

Nigel rushed into the study, "Master Bemis have you heard? St Nick's sleigh has crashed somewhere in Felstad.  Rumor has the crash site near the goblin territory.  Some of the wizards are hastily preparing to go out and salvage whatever they can.  Should I alert the lads?"  "Yes Nigel, please prepare to go at first light" replied Bemis as he rose from his reading chair, Agarn and I will start our preparations as well."

Bemis and Agarn retired to the laboratory where they both were able to brew potions - Invisibility and Teleportation.  They then entered the scriptorium and prepared two scrolls - Drain Word and Awareness.  With that completed, they both retired to get a bit of rest before the morning's exertions.
Gru and his yellow creatures
It was an usually clear morning as the warband set out to search for the downed sleigh.  The lads were in good cheer.  Shadow VIII bounded along through the snow with endless energy.  At one point, a snow bunny emerged from the rubble, saw him, and took off at a fast hop.  Shadow sprinted after him for while but quickly gave up the chase as Agarn whistled him back.  The dwarven contingent started singing several refrains of the bawdy Icicle Bill the Delver song.  When their voices started to carry a bit, Nigel had to quiet them down.  But they all remained in good spirits.

Bemis guided the party unerringly towards their destination.  As they got closer, things took on a more serious note.  The friendly banter died off as everyone was on alert, both for other warbands searching the ruins as well wandering creatures.  Slowly creeping up behind a small ruined house, Bemis and Nigel spread out the warband using well rehearsed hand and arm signals.  Settling down, the sounds of other parties moving around the ruins could be detected.  Bemis could detect the slightly nauseating tint of necromantic magic which portent the presence of Missy and her evil undead worshipping followers.  Far off in the distance, flashes of yellow could be seen darting among the ruins - Gru's odd minions were also in attendance.  Bemis knew Quail was out today even though he couldn't detect her warband.
The goblins have collected a present
Carefully scanning the area, Nigel spotted a group of goblins directly in front of his position.  They chatted together in their guttural language while struggling to pull a large wooden sled through the snow.  As he watched, they stopped and excitedly hoisted a package onto the sled.  It must be one of the packages rumored to be carried by St Nick's sleigh.  Looks like Bemis brought us to the right spot.  Bemis spotted the goblins and their sled as well.  He leaned over to Agarn and pointed to the package, "That one is your responsibility."

Bemis cast Telekinesis on a package laying on the second story of a nearby ruin and managed to draw it closer to his warband.  Shadow and Hatch move forward to retrieve it.  Likewise, Agarn sees the package Bemis had pointed to and successfully casts Telekinesis to pull it off the goblin sled.  Kleppo immediately dashes forward and picks it up.
9Toe teleports to the top of a nearby tower
9Toe looks around the area and sees a duck fly up on top of a nearby tower.  With a quick gulp of his potion, 9Toe popped up on top of the tower's crenellation.  "Never give an inquisitive dwarf a Potion of Teleportation," mused Bemis.  9Toe barely gains his balance when a bone dart whistles by his head.  Momentarily surprised, he doesn't see the crossbow bolt that hits his helmet.  Knocked unconscious, he teeters at the edge before falling to a small platform several feet below his perch.  His feet get entangled in the rotting boards and later when he wakes up, he finds himself hanging upside down.
9Toe takes a tumble
Diesel Vin takes a peek inside a small ruined building, he spies a package lying inside .  He climbs through a window and quickly stuffs it into his backpack.  Niko moves forward and searches around a fallen column.  He finds a small treasure chest - right where Bemis had predicted.  With a bone tingling howl, a wild wolf announces its arrival.  Piko moves to intercept it.  Scurrying out of a nearby ruin, a giant rat skitters across the snow and lunges at Bemis like he is made of cheese.

Bemis turns and with a speed that defies his age, thrusts his sword out and neatly skewers the rat in mid leap.  He then moves towards Piko to assist him with the wolf.  With Bemis' assistance, Piko is able to defeat the wolf.
Bemis aids Piko in fighting a wolf
Agarn spots some of Gru's yellow creatures off in the distance.  They appeared to be moving towards the warband.  Agarn conjures up some Fog to block their line of sight.  To the right, Nigel and Vale head towards a tall ruined tower.  Vale reaches it first and begins a long climb to the top.
Vale climbs up a ruined tower

As they reached the package, Shadow and Hatch are each attacked by goblins.  Hatch, trying to guard a package, manages to successfully fight off and damage a goblin.  Shadow is not so lucky.  The goblin swings his club and bonks him hard on the head.  Shadow drops to the ground, never to rise again.  Hatch suddenly finds himself facing off against both goblins.  One goblin feinted towards his right side.  As Hatch blocked the attack with his dagger, the other goblin smashed him in the head.  The two goblins gleefully ran to the package to claim it.

Bemis had observed the goblins abusing his warband members.  He reaches down and grabs a large rock.  Quickly enchanting it, he hurls it towards the two goblins (Bemis cast Grenade).  With a loud bang, the rock impacts a goblin, immediately killing it.  Fragments injure the other goblin.  Agarn again casts Fog to block the line of sight of other goblins as well members of Missy's evil necromantic warband.

Bemis cast a Grenade on the goblins
Bemis grabs another rock and incants the spell for Grenade.  He throws it well but the rock explodes with a weak whimper and without causing any damage.  Diesel pulls out his Horn of Hellfire.  He points it at the remaining goblin and plays a short note.  A burst of magic hits the goblin and fries it to a cinder.  Piko runs over and picks up the package.
Diesel uses his Horn of Hellfire to take out a goblin
Meanwhile, over at the tall ruined tower, Agarn sees Vale has reached the top level.  Thinking that he might be too exposed up there, especially with Missy lingering nearby, he casts Fog to protect him.  Vale finds a package laying in the rubble.  He picks it up and places it in his backpack.
Vale finds a treasure at the top of the tower
With four packages and one treasure in his control, Bemis signals his warband to withdraw.  As they fall back, Bemis and Agarn throw the odd spell or two at anyone they can see to try and disrupt there activities - to little real effect - except maybe one.  Bemis observed some bright flashes of magic power over where he thought Quail might be located.  The magic appeared to be coming from Alfred the Unready.  In an attempt to help out his fellow sigilist, he cast Fog way across the ruins to block Alfred's line of sight.  Whether it actually did any good or not, who knows.

The return trip was uneventful.  All the warband was in good cheer despite the loss of Shadow VIII.  9Toe and Hatch were slowly recovering even though they were both a bit groggy.  It would be nice to get back to the warmth of the library - and a pinto of beer or two.

Bemis had hardly made it back to his library when he received word that his fellow sigilist, Quail, had been cut down during the fighting that day.  Taking Nigel along, he quickly hurried over to Quail's base to check on her condition.  To his relief, Quail had only taken a hard knock and seemed to be okay.  "Quail, my old friend, it may be time for two old codgers like us to retire from adventuring."  After a quick cup of tea, Bemis bid her farewell, with a promise to write to her at her university post.

As for Bemis, he intends to remain in his library near Felstad for a while longer.  The old library still has quite a few tomes and scrolls yet to be examined.  Nigel was planning to hang around as well; for the time being.  Agarn and the rest of the warband decided they would head to warmer environs.  Rumor has it there is adventuring to be had sailing some ancient islands - for those brave enough to try it.
End of game photo op

Another great game to close out the 2017 campaign season. The loot turned out to be 230 gold, 2 grimoires, and 7 scrolls.  For experience, Bemis received 420 and Nigel a mere 20.  With this, Bemis ends the campaign at the grand level of 50 and Nigel ends at level 4.

After the game, we exchanged gifts based on how many treasures each player obtained during the game.  I received a couple of miniatures and a pot of Nuln's Oil wash.  We then ate some lunch and set-up to play a test game of Ghost Archipelago.  It was the first time any of us had actually played the rules.  Unfortunately I did not record the events of that game nor did I capture any pictures - was too caught up trying to learn the new rules (fortunately there are not that many differences).  The Heritors play completely different than the FG wizards.  I think they will prove to be extremely interesting to learn to play.  We all enjoyed the game and look forward to using GA for the 2018 campaign.

For those who have read my posts - Thanks.  I hope you have found them to be entertaining.

Have a great holiday season and tune in next year for more adventures.

Saturday, November 25, 2017

Frostgrave Campaign Game 11 - Death of the Lich Lord

We recently completed Game 11 of our 2017 Frostgrave campaign.   It was the last scenario in the “Thaw of he Lich Lord” supplement book: The Final Battle.  Once again, only 6 of our regular players could participate.  With 6 players, we decided the Lich Lord would be located in a temple in the center of a hexagonal table surrounded by 6 Wraith Knights, 18 Death Cultists, and 36 Armored Skeletons.  On hindsight, we probably should have included a Lich Queen as well since we had 6 players.

You can find Wizard Quail's report here:  Frostgrave Campaign Game 11 The Final Battle.  It includes some additional background information as well as Quail's experience.  Well worth the read.

Bemis' Report:
"Nigel, most of the wizards have agreed to an assault on the Lich Lord's fortress, that hovering chunk of Felstad.  Please prepare the lads for tomorrow morning" said Bemis as he entered the main room.  "Then return and lets discuss strategy."

While waiting on Nigel to return, Bemis and Agarn busied themselves with brewing potions and preparing scrolls.  Bemis then retired to his observatory to peer through his celestial telescope, hoping to gain insight on the Lich Lord's location.  While he did get some vague vision of the layout, he also discovered what appeared to be a chest containing a large amount of gold (successfully cast Reveal Secret).  It should be located near a fallen statue.
A chest of gold?
Bemis and Nigel sat up late discussing strategy.  They decided the best plan would be to stay close together and head straight towards the Lich Lord to engage him as quickly as possible, killing everything along the way; and of course grabbing as much treasure as possible.
A view of the table opposite Bemis' start point
Morning came way too soon.    Nigel led the warband into Felstad, towards the floating ruins.  As they got closer, they headed to one of the large chains seemingly anchoring the ruins to the ground.  It would be a long and tiresome climb.  "Up we go lads" said Nigel.  Once they reached the top, Bemis found himself behind a small ruined building.  To his left he could detect the strange yellow creatures belonging to Gru.  To the right he saw Saffron's warband taking up positions.  And far across the ruins to his front, he could faintly see the duckmen of Alfred.  While he couldn't detect her, Bemis knew Quail would be nearby as would Missy the Necro. 

Of immediate concern, there were three death cultists a few yards to the front and a group of skeletons to the right.  "Nigel, the cultists are yours.  Remember our plan.  Agarn and I will take care of the skeletons" stated Bemis.  With that, he reached down and picked up a piece of rubble.  Bemis spoke the words for Grenade and threw it towards the skeletons.  The enchanted rock flew straight and exploded with a bright flashed.  When the dust had cleared, 3 of the skeletons were piles of bone.   Agarn attempted to emulate his master but messed up his incantation of the Grenade spell.
Bemis throws a grenade
Following the plan, Nigel and crew moved forward towards the center temple to engage the Lich Lord's minions; starting with the three death cultists.  Having been briefed the night before, Kleppo moved to a ruined structure to search for the treasure Bemis had scryed with his Reveal Secret spell.  He found it and quickly placed it in his pack.
Kleppo grabs a treasure chest
The entire warband, minus Kleppo, advanced towards the temple to escape the remaining skeletons.  Nigel and Vale square off against two death cultists and fight them to a stand still.  9Toe doesn't mess around and quickly dispatches another.
Nigel and crew cutting down the Lich Lord's minions
Bemis cast Strength on Nigel to assist him with the upcoming battles while Agarn follows suit and casts Strength on Vale.  Niko and Piko move forward to support their captain.  With their help, Nigel easily takes out the cultist he was fighting. Side by side with Hatch and Diesel, Vale takes out the last cultist.  A wraith knight slowly floats down the stairs leading to the top of the Lich Lord's temple; heading towards the warband.  Vale makes good use of his Axe of Undead Slaying (+3 Fight against undead) to slice through its immaterial body, destroying the necromantic magic sustaining its existence.

Continuing his movement towards the temple, Bemis catches wind of activity to his left and cast Fog to protect his lads from Gru's warband.  Agarn also cast Fog to the right to provide protection in that direction.  Another Wraith Knight floats down from the temple.  Nigel moved forward a few steps to intercept it.  Without any finesse, Nigel thrusts his sword (+2 Fight) through the immaterial creature's body, the magic contained in the sword easily robs it of its life force.
Bemis' warband fights its way forward
Niko had made a mad dash up the stairs. He grabs a treasure and moves back down the staircase.  Nigel, Niko, and Diesel move to the bottom of the stairs.  The group is almost immediately set upon from behind by 3 cultists who had just killed one of Gru's dog like creature.

The Lich Lord glances towards Bemis, his hollow eyes seemingly burning a hole through his very soul.  A boney finger points his way as a bolt of necromantic evil leaps forth striking Bemis in the chest.  Bemis staggers back, his robes smoking.  He was battered but still standing (took 8 points of damage from an Elemental Bolt).
Fighting off some death cultists
As he shakes off the strike from the Lich Lord, he notices treasure chests floating through the air off to his left.  He quickly incants the words for Drain Word - Telekinesis.  "Can't make it too easy on my fellow wizards now can I?" he mused.  He then moves forward and out of line of sight.  Shadow bounds up the stairs, curious about the undead creature standing at the top.  While Shadow is sniffing around the Lich Lord, Hatch, 9Toe, and Vale all grab treasure items.
9Toe and Vale grabbing treasure
Nigel and Diesel both manage kill a death cultist.  The third cultist attacked Niko.  Encumbered carrying a treasure, Niko barely fights off his attacker.  Bemis casts another Fog wall (can't have too many fog walls).  Agarn managed to cast Strength on Hatch.  With energy running through him, Hatch moves to assist Niko.  He engages a death cultist and deeply wounds him.  While attempting to parry Hatch's strike, the cultist strikes a lucky bow on Niko, dropping him to the ground.  Hatch's follow through kills the cultist.  Piko picks up the treasure dropped by his brother.
More death cultists
With all the cultists dead, Nigel and Vale climb up the stairs.  Bemis drinks a Potion of Healing in preparation for fighting the Lich Lord.  He then follows Nigel up the stairs.  Diesel quickly moves up the stairs to get in front of Bemis. 
Shadow barks at the Lich Lord
Getting ready to attack
As he prepares to charge, Nigel noticed two other fighters from Missy's and Quail's warbands have already charged into contact with the Lich Lord.  One of Alfred's duckmen was trying to hide in the shadows.  With the evil creature distracted, he waved 9Toe and Shadow forward and mentally prepared himself to attack.
The big fight scene
Bemis watched as Nigel charged the Lich Lord.  The foul being was distracted by his other attackers and turned too late.  Nigel's furious charge momentarily stunned the Lich but not near as much as when his downward swing cleaved through his body.  As the Lich writhed and thrashed around, you could see the necromanitc energies keeping him alive start to flicker.  Nigel quickly saw a chance to end the fight quickly and stabbed the Lich through his right eye with his dagger.  This coup de grace did the trick and the remains of the Lich Lord crumpled to the stone floor in a mound of smoldering ash.
The Lich Lord falls
The other fighters present, as well as Bemis, were astonished at the ferocity of Nigel's attack.  When the surprise wore off, they all cheered his victory.  The celebration was short lived as almost immediately the four warbands present on top of the throne started to suspiciously eye each other.  With the Lich Lord dead, all previous agreements were null and void.  Then the floating ruins started to quake and shudder.  The magic holding the "island" in the sky was decaying.  Columns were toppling and walls were crumbing.  Bemis signaled to withdraw.  His warband slowly backed away and moved down the stairway.  Nigel remained behind to cover the withdrawal, hoping that his display of martial prowess would be enough to discourage any thoughts of foul play. 

Once Bemis reached the bottom, he saw 9Toe was still up top and carrying a treasure.  Not trusting the other warbands, he cast Transpose on 9Toe and Diesel.  This put 9Toe and his treasure in a safer area.  Of course, it also left Diesel hanging if anyone decided to get treacherous.  Fortunately, no one was looking for a fight.

Agarn spotted a wraith knight off in the distance.  He cast Furious Quill upon the foul creature hoping to slow its advance.  Fortuned prevailed and the wraith knight headed towards Saffron's warband.  Nigel had the opportunity to capture a treasure from one of Gru's minions.  But since Gru had not attempted to interfere with his warband, he decided to keep the peace.  Nigel and Diesel headed down the stairs and towards the extraction point.  At the bottom of the stairs, Diesel stopped and slung Niko over his shoulder.  Couldn't leave him behind, his brother Piko wouldn't be happy.  As the ruins lurched again, Diesel quickly moved to catch up with the rest of the group.
Bemis and the lads withdraw leaving undead corpses everywhere
As they retreated from the Lich Lord's lair, Bemis and Agarn nervously glanced from side to side.  Always on alert for an attack by their rivals.  They both cast additional Fog to cover the warband.  They made it to their extraction point without incident.  Several more tremors shook the ruins as they seemed to be slowly dropping down.  Once again Nigel remained back to provide cover as the others started down.

Burdened down with five treasure items and Niko's unconscious body (dwarves are not lightweight), the trip down the chains was a harrowing experience.  Combined with constantly looking up to avoid falling rocks and other debris, its a wonder no one fell.  Fortune was with the warband as everyone made it down without incident.  Niko actually gained consciousness halfway down.  The squeal he made when he opened eyes and found himself dangling upside down was so funny that his brother Piko almost fell from laughing too hard.

Bemis and the lads
Back in his library, Bemis sat by the fireplace listening to his warband unwind after the day's activities.  Tired of the constant cold, some of the lads started talking about moving to a warmer environment.  Rumors had just started coming in about adventuring opportunities in the tropical south, provided you weren't afraid of sailing.  Maybe when winter ended, some of the lads would head that way.


To say Bemis had a good outing would be an understatement - he had an excellent outing.  Bemis and the lads tally for the day was 3 skeletons, 6 death cultists, 2 wraith knights, and 1 Lich Lord.  The loot haul consisted of 5 treasures: 950 gold coins, 3 scrolls, 2 grimoires (Summon Demon x 2).  Bemis already had Summon Demon so both grimoires were sold for 250 gc each giving a total of 1450 gc.  Of this total, Nigel received 203 gc for his services (seems cheap considering).  As for experience, Nigel gained 60 points while Bemis garnered 855 xp.  For Bemis, this brings him to level 46.

How did the Lich Lord die to a single attack?

Nigel's basic fight number is +3; add +1 for duel wielding sword and dagger; +2 for magic sword; and +2 for having received the spell Strength to give him a +8 Fight.  He had four other attackers in the melee, each contributing +2 fight = +8 fight.  As he charged in, he utilized his Captain's trick - Furious Charge for +3 Fight (for one roll, declared before rolling).  This totaled to a +19 Fight.  Nigel rolled a 19.  This gave him a total attack number of 38.  This easily bested the Lich Lord's roll.

The 38 became 40 for damage due to Nigel wearing Gloves of Strength (+2 damage in melee).

The Lich Lord had armor 14 and 25 health plus the Elemental Shield which would absorb 2 damage.  The 40 damage was reduced to 37 by the Elemental Shield, then to 23 by the Lich Lord's armor. The Lich Lord subtracted the 23 damage from his 25 health leaving him with 2 health.  Nigel then utilized another Captain trick, Coup de Grace with causes +2 damage and can be triggered after damage calculation, putting the Lich Lord at 0 health.  Victory to Nigel!

While this game ended the Thaw of the Lich Lord campaign, we still have one more campaign game to play in 2017.  It will be a homebrew Christmas related scenario complete with real world presents; and hopefully cookies.  Stay tuned until next time for the details.

Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Frostgrave Campaign Game 10 - The Bone Wheel Goes Round and Round

Two weeks ago we played game 10 of our 2017 Frostgrave campaign, the Bone Wheel from the  "Thaw of he Lich Lord" scenario book.  We had six of our regulars in attendance.  The table was set-up with three bone wheels spaced across the center of the table.  All the treasure was placed on the bone wheel meaning the warbands would have to move to the center of the table.  The bone wheels would block line of sight and we deemed the treasures could not be moved by Telekinesis.

We drew for starting positions and I choose a corner spot to reduce how many wizards I'd have to deal with.  With full coffee cups and warm dice, we settled down to play.

You can view Quail's report here:  Game 10 The Bone Wheels

One of the Bone Wheels

The last foray into the frozen city was a great success.  The warband had gained a lot of loot and had thwarted the Lich Lord's latest scheme.  But Bemis knew the evil one was not finished.  The rumors of people disappearing persisted.  Another trip into the ruins was in order.  Bemis sent Nigel to visit the local taverns that Sir Cardidil the Knight (from Quail's warband) frequented to spread word about the Lich Lord's activities.  Nigel returned, successful in contacting the knight.  He immediately began to prepare the lads.

Bemis and Agarn sat down at the scriptorium and spent some time transcribing the spells Transpose and Dispel (Successful casting of Write Scroll by both). They then turned their attention to their firing up the Cauldron of Brewing.  The two spellcasters focused hard on successfully brewing two Potions of Invisibility (Bemis and Agarn successfully cast Brew Potion).  While using the cauldron to brew a potion, Bemis thought of the other cauldron his warband had recently recovered.  Even though it had been scrubbed out several times, the large pot still reeked with necromantic magic.  Bemis knew he would have to destroy it soon.
A view of the game table

Bemis was successful in calling forth his familiar (a beaver), Agarn failed to summon his creature.

Bemis let his familiar go play in the small pond out back while he climbed to stairs to his observatory to peer through his Celestial Telescope.  He hoped he might gain some insight before their next foray into the ruins.  As he concentrated, he was able to perceive a great treasure was hidden inside an ancient burial hut.  The hut appeared to located near their intended search area.

A treasure inside a burial hut

Being as prepared as he could be, Bemis headed off to get some sleep.  The morning would come soon enough.

The next day proved to be cold but clear.  Not a cloud in the sky.  As his warband stood around waiting to get started, Bemis told Agarn about the burial hut.  "It will be your job to explore it and see what you can find" he relayed to his young protege.  With that accomplished, Bemis asked Nigel to lead them out.
Chaffron the Summoner
Missy the Necromancer
A warband of strange yellow creatures led by Grue

As the warband approached their destination, Bemis could sense a lot of magic energy in the air.  He could detect faint traces of several other wizards moving through the ruins; including his fellow Sigilist Quail.
Quail's warband

Bemis and the lads

Bemis immediately cast Fog to cover his warband as it moved forward to investigate the strange wheel that appeared to be constructed of hundreds of bones.  Looking closer, Bemis could see there were several bodies hanging from the structure.  "What foul evil is this" he thought as he waved his warband forward.  As he moved closer for a better look, he rounded a wall section and found himself staring at the faint outline of an incorporeal apparition floating a foot or so above the ground.  As it moved, it passed right through a stone wall.  Bemis had read about such horrors but thought they were the ravings of lunatic minds, the things of myths and legends.  But here in front of him was proof of their existence.
Bemis and Nigel face down a banshee
Not knowing what to do, he drew his sword and charged - "Nigel, to me".  Nigel wastes no time and runs forward around the wall.  He almost almost halts in his tracks as he sees Bemis fending off a ghastly looking aberration.  He collects his wits and quickly continues his charge into contact.  With his adrenaline flowing, Nigel strikes swiftly and sinks his sword into its eerie and ghost-like body.  The banshee's mouth opens as it tries to make a sound but it can only writhe around as it slowly faded away into a mere wisp before completely disappearing (20 xp to Bemis and 10 xp for Nigel).  "Thanks Nigel" said Bemis as he wondered if he needed to change his pants. "We need to check those bodies to see if they are still alive" he said, pointing at the bone wheel.  Vale, 9Toe, and Diesel Vin quickly move towards the wheel
Nigel slays the banshee
 Agarn, seeing some strange yellow creatures moving around on the far side of the bone wheel, emulated his Master and cast Fog to provide additional cover.
Fogs placed on both sides of the bone wheel to block line of sight

A horrid bone chilling scream pierced the morning mist.  Another banshee was loose in the ruins (and attacking Saffarn's warband).

Bemis attempted to cast Strength.  He must have been still rattled by the encounter with the banshee as he doesn't even come close to incanting the correct words and ends up with a slight nose bleed (suffered a point of damage for miscasting).  Agarn cast Drain Word - Elemental Dart.
Bemis' warband gathers treasures from the bone wheel.
Vale, 9Toe, and Diesel reach the bone wheel and quickly cut down three bodies hanging on the wheel.  They notice two things.  First, all three bodies are still alive, just barely.  And second, they all had pouches around their neck that must contain some gold since they jingled when touched.  They heard some movement on the other side of the bone wheel.  The strange yellow critters have moved closer.  They quickly grab the three pouches and start to back away as Hatch and Kleppo move up to provide them some support.  If the yellow creatures come through the fog, they will pay dearly.
Two wild dogs pick up Nigel's scent

Nigel saw a threat to Agarn in the form of two wild dogs emerging from the ruins; he moved in that direction.  The two dogs, wild eyed and snarling, leapt at Nigel.  Nigel met their attacks by blocking one with his sword and impaling the other with his dagger.  Agarn cheered the old sword master.  Now the odds were even (10 points xp for Nigel).

Niko and Piko decide to move towards what looks to be another bone wheel in the distance.  Shadow sees them move off.  Barking happily, he bounds ahead of them as he sees some ducks flying through the air (Alfred the Unready was using Leap to extract his minions carrying treasures much to Quail's dismay).
The great wizard Bemis
Bemis noticed Nigel engaged with a wild dog and cast Strength on him to aid his attacks.  Nigel, feeling the energy running through him, easily bested the remaining wild dog (10 points xp for Nigel).  While Nigel finished on the last of the wild dogs, Agarn

Nigel fighting a wild dog
Bemis then leaned forward to touch the strange bone wheel device and was immediately sorry that he did.  A wave of necromantic evil temporarily washed over him leaving him weak and nauseated (20 points xp for Bemis for touching the bone wheel).  "The Lich Lord must be stopped and this foulness purged from Felstad" ran through his mind.  Agarn seeing his master stumble a bit cast Strength on him

As he stumbled backwards, Bemis noticed someone lurking in some nearby ruins.  He quickly pulled out a feather and cast an enchantment on it (successfully cast Furious Quill).  He then threw it towards Quail's ranger.  Unfortunately the feather did not fly straight and tumbled to the ground (The ranger resisted the spell).  Niko and Piko continued their friendly and peaceful movement towards Quail's warband, their eye on a treasure chest laying in the ruins of what appeared to be an old tavern.
Shadow playfully bounds up to Quail's treasure hunter
Shadow is viciously attacked by Quail's young apprentice Bailey
Poor Shadow is cruelly knocked to the ground

Shadow caught up with Quail's treasure hunter, playfully nipping at his heels looking for a Scooby snack.

Agarn roots around in the burial hut and finds a small chest.  He places it in his backpack and heads towards Nigel. Bemis again successfully cast Furious Quill on Quail's ranger.  The feather flew straight and true but fell short of it's target.

Over to the right, Bemis heard Quail yell "Run boys and girls" as she pulled up her robes and disappeared into the ruins (retreated off the board).
Nigel observes Quail's warband in the distance

Agarn cast Drain Word Leap, cancelling out Drain Word Elemental Bolt.

Niko and Piko charged into combat with Bailey - "Revenge for Agarn" they yelled.  After whacking on her on the bottom with the flats of their swords (causing 8 points of damage), they quickly withdrew chuckling to themselves, "You should have seen her face, priceless".  As they returned to the warband, Nigel gave them a good dressing down for leaving the warband and picking on the young girl.

And with that, Bemis rallied his warband and burdened with four treasures, they slowly departed the ruined city.
End game warband pose

Post game

Back in cozy warmth of his library, Bemis looks through the day's haul: 20 gold coins and a Ring of Will, 60 gold coins and a Fate Stone, 100 gold coins and a grimoire (Combat Awareness), and the box Agarn recovered from the burial hut.  Bemis cautiously opened the lid.  Inside was an ornately decorated horn.  After studying the runes carved on the horn, he concluded this was the a legendary Horn of Hellfire, thought to have been missing for at least four centuries.  It should come in handy.

As usual, Bemis then retired into his reading room to decompress from the day's activities by studying some of the arcane tomes (successfully cast Absorb Knowledge).

Total experience:  8 spells successfully cast for 80 xp, killed a banshee for 20 xp, Bemis touched the bone wheel for 20 xp, 4 treasures recovered for 200 xp, and Absorb Knowledge for 50 xp  = 370 xp.

With this latest adventure, Bemis has surpassed the great and infamous Druid wizard Knabe in levels.

Nigel gained 50 xp which brings his Captain xp to a total of 380.
This was a another great game.  The banshees seemed to die pretty easily and were not much of a threat.  The treasure on the bone wheels was grabbed quickly before they even got a chance to rotate.  Once treasures were grabbed, everyone looked to the center of the table and decided to make an attempt to intercept either Quail's or Alfred henchmen as they carried away treasures.  No one was successful in doing so but is was a little funny seeing the two scramble to escape.  I saw it as pay back for Quail attempting an end run against my unguarded Reveal Secret treasure several scenarios back -  All in good fun.

Our next game will the final fight against the Lich Lord.  This looks like it will be a challenging scenario.  Can't wait......