Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Historicon 2008

Well Historicon 2008 has been history for almost a month and I am finally getting around to posting some of the pictures from the four games I hosted. The first game was "Action at St. Manvieu". Operation Epsom June 26th 1944 - The 6 Royal Scots Fusiliers supported by tanks from B Squadron 9 Royal Tank Regment are ordered to take the village of St. Manvieu.

The Scottish view of the area
The Geman view of the area
The farm house complex
Churchhills attack through the bocage with only one getting bogged dwn and throwing a track
Some accurate German artillery fire results in another thrown track
Here is the ending positions of the Scottish attack....and also the start of the follow-on scenario "Counterattack at St Manvieu". It is June 26th 1944 and the 6 Royal Scots Fusiliers have taken the village of St. Manvieu. The 12th SS want it back but the Scots are not inclined to agree.

The Scottish player awaits the German counterattack.
As usual, once the games start, I found that I did not have time to take many photos of the ensuring action. In both games, the Scottish force came out victorious (mirroring actual events).
Will get more photos posted later.