Saturday, January 24, 2015

More SAGA Prep for Cold Wars

Continuing to finish up the figures required to help Jim run his SAGA game at Cold Wars.

This time its a unit of Saxon spearmen from Gripping Beast's "Dark Age Warriors" plastic box set.  The figures glued together easily and were great to paint.

A unit of Dark Age Warriors
Although I intend to use them as Saxons, I think they could be used to represent any type of Dark Age levy.

Back to the paint table...still a few more figures to go.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

FIW Canadian Militia

Finished painting two more units for Muskets & Tomahawks - Canadian Militia.  The figures are not the best sculpts but the price was right - Old Glory Army Card.

Here's a group photo of both units

The eight man unit

And the six man unit

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Viking Raid

Last week I was able to play a game of SAGA at Critical Hit Games.  Jim wanted to get better acquainted with the rules and test some of his Cold Wars scenario.  So we recruited two new players and started rolling dice.

We had a force of Viking raiders with Danish allies attacking a Saxon village.  The Saxon lord was on a trip around his lands collecting tribute.  With a threat of Vikings afoot, he brought some hired Irish mercenaries with him.

Viking raiders approach the village
Danes charge out of the trees ready to pillage
The Saxon contingent arrives
The Viking force had to attack the buildings in the village, defeat the defenders, and collect bags of loot.  The Saxon side had to protect the village and prevent the raiders from running off with the loot.  The Vikings managed to sack two buildings and grab two bags of loot. 
The Viking have broken into one building looking for loot
They  started to withdraw, sacrificing a couple units to slow up the Saxon pursuit.  It was enough to allow them to exit with 50% of the available loot.
The Danes have grabbed some loot and leave a rear guard to slow pursuit
Overall, a great game.  The two new players picked up the rules and using the battle board dice fairly quickly.

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Rangers Lead the Way

I finished painting up two units of Rangers for Muskets and Tomahawks.  They are from the British Wilderness Force set (North Star Figures) and had been "aging" in my lead pile since NashCon 2013 (I shall paint no lead before its time!).  They turned out to be easier to paint then I had expected - nice casting.  Their Indian allies are next.

A force of Rangers

The other part of the Ranger force

The Ranger Captain
I also put together a New France Settler's Lofted Log Cabin 4 from 4Ground.  It went together as easily as the other four 4Ground buildings I have - no problems.

An exterior view

An interior view of the first floor

An interior view of the second floor

Saturday, January 3, 2015

Danes for Cold Wars

Since Jim volunteered to run a 6 player SAGA game at Cold Wars, I found motivation to paint up some Danish warriors - plus two Viking raiders.

Danes chase down two Viking raiders
The figures are a mix of Old Glory and some unknowns, they have been in the lead pile too long to remember.  In the background is a 4Ground Saxon house and the Dark Age Hovel from a previous post.

These are also my first painted figures for 2015 - hopefully the first of many.