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Campaign Game 2 - Icecapades

Game 2 of the 2017 Campaign season - Icecapades (or fun on the frozen river)

Last weekend we played scenario 2 from the Thaw of the Lich Lord.  We had 7 out of 8 players so we expanded to 4 Mages, one of which was carrying a fake treasure, to be determined after the game ended. 

For a couple other viewpoints: One a Frozen River  and Battle on a River

Here's a few pre-game shots of the table.
A Dwarven submarine
A three masted, de-masted schooner
A Dwarven Ironclad
A Dhow
A large ship of the line
The view down the length of the river
The door burst open as Agarn ran into the room, startling Bemis from his studies.
"Master, Master, we found an old library.  Its perfect." said Agarn with youthful excitement.  "You must come see it." 

"Calm down and tell me more about your find.  Then we'll go have a look see"

Agarn relates that he was out exploring with Niko and Piko.  They were examining some of the old ruins near the inn.  Niko found a door that was iced over.  After much chipping with some hand axes, he and Piko managed to pry the door open.  Inside they found the abandoned workshop and library that looked like it belonged to a long departed wizard.  Niko stayed behind to guard their find while Agarn and Piko rushed back with their news.

Finding the ruins of the old library satisfactory, Bemis decides to set up his base of operations.  There's some work needed to patch some leaks and seal some drafty areas, but it'll do.  To his delight, Bemis finds there are some partially collapsed tunnels under his new home that appear to contain a few undamaged books and scrolls.  Now he'll have a place to explore while he is planning future forays into the frozen ruins.  Maybe he'll find some interesting tomes, grimoires or scrolls.  And where there's books, there's knowledge to absorb.

Bemis and his warband
As Bemis was rummaging around his new home, he came across an interesting scroll.  It told of a location along the river where mages would ship and receive their magic items and spell components.  Of course the river was now frozen solid but could there still be some relics or unusual magic items stored in the hull of some vessel or along the docks?  As consultation with Nigel (Captain), they decided to make this the target of their next expedition.  Nigel would need to recruit another treasure hunter.  Bemis left that kind of thing to him and went back to reading his scrolls and tomes.

As part of the warband's preparations, both Bemis and Agarn attempted to prepare scrolls (Write Scroll) but the ink was too runny.  They then tried to scry around for hidden treasure items (Reveal Secret).  Both failed. 

Bemis then took some scrolls from his scroll library, scrolls of Reveal Secret and Raise Zombie.  These would be used just before they reached the frozen river.

Moving towards the river, Bemis could detect the movement of several other warbands nearby. "I wonder how they found out about the ships?" thought Bemis.  Once he reached a suitable position, he halted his group behind some ruins.  He read his scroll of Reveal Secret.  A small breeze suddenly blew in and moved the snow concealing a small pouch hidden in some rubble.  Agarn read a scroll of Raise Zombie and an undead minion appeared.  Bemis did not like dabbling in the dark arts but at times it could be useful.  He directed the creature to pick up the treasure and return to base where it would be freed from service.

The Game's a Foot
After surveying the vast array of ships frozen in the ice, Bemis and Nigel come up with a plan.  The warband would focus its effort on the dwarven ironclad ship to their front.  Shadow II and Piko (Thief) headed out onto the ice, slipping and sliding their way forward.

Bemis cast Draining Word - Telekinesis and then carefully stepped out on the frozen river (+25 experience for entering the frozen river).

Bemis and the gang moves across the iced river

Agarn failed to cast Draining Word but was able to use a scroll instead, Draining Word - Bone Dart.  The zombie picked up a potion case and headed out of the area to the rendezvous point.  Shadow II ran across the ice, taking a glancing blow from an arrow along the way (Rob's Ranger hit him for 1 point of damage).

Bemis cast Fog to provide additional cover for his group.  Seeing what his master had  planned, Agarn quickly jumped in to help. Unfortunately in his haste, he misspoke the spell's words.  A shooting pain went through his head and his nose started to bleed (Failed to cast Fog by 11 and took 2 points of damage).

Shadow II sees Rob's minions trying to get a box inside a small boat and moves to contest it.  The rest of the warband slowly makes it way across the slippery ice.

Fog to cover the warband

Bemis once again casts Fog to protect his warband from pesky bowmen.  Shadow II is attacked by one of Rob's minions and is driven back - right into the line of fire of Rob's Ranger who doesn't aim poorly a second time.  And just like that, Shadow II is out of action.
Shadow II down and out
 A light snow begins to fall over the river area, slightly reducing visibility.  "Hmmm" thinks Bemis, "it didn't look like it was going to snow today, must be some elemental magic at play" (Chaffarn, a Summoner, cast Call of Storm).  Agarn once again fails to cast Fog, and once again suffers a severe nose bleed (another 2 points of damage).

A figure emerges from the depths of the Dwarven ironclad with a bundle under his arm and moves towards the stern.  He turns and quickly throws a bolt of ice (Elemental Bolt) at 9Toe (Thief) who easily dodges its path.

Bemis picks up a chunk of ice, waves his hand over it, and throws it towards Rob's warband.  It shatters upon landing but fails to harm anyone (A successful cast of Grenade...well kind of,,,).

9Toe moves into contact with what is apparently a Mage.  Vale also moves in to attack the Mage.  Even though he successfully strikes at the Mage, he fails to penetrate whatever armor he was wearing.  With the Mage already engaged by two members of the warband, Piko, yelling like a banshee, charges into the fight.  And he runs straight into the business end of the Mage's staff - THWACK - and he dropped like a sack of rotten potatoes.

At the other end of the ironclad, Niko (Thief) manages to climb into the pilot hoping to get a better view of the cluttered river.  To his surprise he find a leather satchel which he quickly stuffs into his backpack.

And once again, Agarn fails to cast Fog (The boy obviously needs more training and practice).  The snow fall started to get a bit heavier (Chaffarn cast Call of Storm again)

Bemis dodges an Elemental Bolt from Rob's wizard.  Bemis attempts to transpose to Transpose Nigel and 9Toe in order to Nigel into combat with the Mage but fails.  So he decides to join the fray; maybe he can distract the Mage so someone can get in a killing blow.  Bemis is successful as Vale manages to sneak a fatal strike into the Mage's side, dropping him to the deck of the ironclad.  9Toe grabs the bundle dropped by the Mage.

At the other end of the iron clad, Hatch has spotted a treasure chest in a nearby ship and is slowly working his way across the ice to retrieve it.  Agarn spots one of Gru's crossbowmen taking aim at Hatch.  He quickly pulls out a Scroll of Elemental Bolt and reads the magic.  A bolt of ice zips across the ice and successfully impacts the crossbowman, leaving him lifeless on the ground. 

The fire from Rob's cursed warband was picking up: Vale dodges a crossbow bolt and 9Toe was hit by an arrow.  Nigel decides to take the fight to Rob and jumped through a fog bank, attacking Rob's Thug.  The Thug is successfully taken out of action with a single, well placed thrust.

Nigel earning his keep
Bemis hits Rob's wizard with a Grenade and does a great deal of damage.  His wizard is only saved due to his Elemental Shield which absorbed just enough damage to keep him alive.  Agarn fails to cast Grenade.  Nigel moves up and engages Rob's Thief, quickly taking him down.  Rob's crossbowman strikes back by hitting Vale with a well placed bolt to the chest.  Vale is hurt but remains standing (7 damage). 
Nigel takes out his second victim
Hatch was still chasing after a treasure chest that Gru managed to Telekinesis out of the ship.  In doing so, he encountered one of Gru's henchmen and quickly dispatched him.

Bemis tosses another Grenade at Rob's warband with no effect - but he leaned out too far.  Bemis is hit by an Elemental Bolt from Rob's apprentice that knocked him off his feet.  As he falls, he strikes his head on the side of the ironclad's turret and is knocked unconscious. 9Toe grabs hold of robe and pulls him to safety.  He can tell Bemis is badly injured and calls out for assistance.

Meanwhile, Agarn cast Fog to cover Hatch as he moved to try and beat Gru's gang to a treasure.  Nigel and Vale see some of Rob's henchmen moving around to try and intercept our treasure bearers.  They move to cut them off.

Agarn cast Dispel on a Mage fighting both Greg and Jim warband members, dispelling a Plague of Insects.  Why did he do this? - because he could.  Plus anything that prevents another warband from gaining an advantage in the frozen ruins is always good.

Over eagerness, or maybe over confidence, pushed Vale to close with Rob's riffraff faster than Nigel.  Vale quickly finds himself fighting both of Rob's henchmen.  He doesn't last long and is soon slumped on the ice.  Meanwhile, Nigel is distracted by a giant rat who has a larger stomach than brains.  The rat is quickly dispatched by a single, well placed swing of Nigel's sword.

With Bemis wounded and the storm picking up, Nigel signaled for the warband to withdraw.

Bemis is badly wounded, Doyle (Thief) and Shadow II do not recover.  Vale and Piko recover with no long term effects.
After game group pose
The treasure hauls equates to two potions (Chameleon and Toughness), a grimoire (Familiar) and a set of eye glasses (Eyes of Amoto).  And the bundle the Mage was carrying was a Sword of Undead Slaying.  With the rumors of the Lich Lord returning to power, it easy to see how he would not want this artifact to be found.  I'm sure my warband will be able to put it to good use in the future.  As for gold coins, they would all have to be spent to find a healer to tend to Bemis.  His wound was worst than they thought (Badly Wounded result on the recovery roll).
Another great game.  Already looking forward to next month's foray.

As requested from last game, here's some pictures of some of the other warbands.

Rob - Elementalist


Chaffarn - Summoner

Another Doctor - Soothsayer

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Frostgrave Campaign 2017 - Darkness Falls

It finally arrived, our kick-off game for the 2017 campaign based around Thaw of the Lich Lord.  We would be starting with scenario one - where else would we start?

For game 1, we only had six out of our normal eight members available due to last minute schedule conflicts.  The wizards present were one Soothsayer, two Sigilists, one Necromancer, and two Elementalists.
Getting ready to start
Another view of the table
The action begins.....

Bemis led his newly hired warband towards the ruins of Felstad for his first foray into the frozen ruins.  The day was rather overcast and several of the denizens who lived near the ruins had warned him not to go exploring today - they said something in the air wasn't right.  But having waited so long to get started, Bemis had no intention of delaying his expedition.  Besides, his warband could eat and drink with the best of them, and were draining his account at an alarming rate.  Time to get some return for his investment.

At the edge of the ruins, Bemis and Agarn attempted to divine the location of any nearby treasure items (Reveal Secret), but both failed their attempt.  Bemis made a mental note - More studying of that spell would be in order upon their return.
Bemis and friends enter the ruins
Bemis with Niko (thief), 9Toe (thief), Doyle (thief), and Hatch (thief) set up to the left.  Bemis could feel the unnatural aura of a necromancer in that direction and wanted to reduce Agarn's exposure to it.  Necromancy was not an area that he enjoyed dabbling with.  To the front, Bemis thought he detected faint traces of elemental magic but it also seemed to be coming for the far left front as well.
The Necromancer's warband
Bemis sent Captain Nigel to right with Agarn (apprentice), his right hand man Alleyne (treasure hunter), Piko (thief), and Shadow (warhound).  Bemis thought he detected a Soothsayer in that direction but it seemed far off.  It should be safer for Agarn in that direction, especially with Nigel to protect him.
An Flementalist's warband
As Bemis was surveying his position, off in the distant haze (it was 20 inches away but visibility started at 16 inches) he thought he saw an urn sitting atop a small ruined temple.  He decided to move closer and sure enough, it looked like a gem-encrusted urn.  He quickly spoke the words to pull the urn closer to his location (cast Telekinesis).  As it hovered in the air, he directed 9Toe to move in that direction, along with Niko.  Hatch immediately spotted a treasure chest laying in the snow atop a ruined archway and ran quickly to pick it up.  Doyle moved up with him to provide protection.

Nigel directed Piko to check out a nearby ruined building while he led the other around the side - with Shadow bounding ahead.  Agarn successfully cast Fog to screen their movement.  Piko quickly moved up and entered the building through a window.

After his eyes adjusted to the reduced visibility, Piko spotted a small chest hidden up in the rafters.  He quickly climbed up and tiptoed across the beams to claim the chest (A dwarf tiptoeing, that had to be quite the sight....).

Bemis attempted to keep the urn floating closer but misspoke the Telekinesis spell causing it the drop into the snow.  Agarn, boosted with confidence from casting his first spell, attempted a much more difficult spell.  Waving his hands correctly while properly speaking the incantations, he caused a magic rune to appear in the darkening sky which would negatively affect all castings of the spell Bone Dart (Draining Word). 

Seeing the rune, Bemis silently praised Agarn's casting and decided to cast his own Draining Word spell.  With little effort, he was successful.  The Elementalists in the ruins today would find casting Elemental Bolt a little bit harder.  Meanwhile, over confidence caught up to Agarn as he burned himself attempting to cast Fog (failed and took a point of damage).

9Toe managed to reach the urn and quickly stuffed it into his pack.  Just in time as he sees two figures heading his way through the ever diminishing light.  Luckily, Niko is by his side to provide protection.  Once more the sky appeared to be darkening.

Alleyne has spotted a chest lying in the middle of a small bridge and moves to pick it up.  Shadow bounds pass him and encounters a thief from Quail's warband on the other side of the bridge.  He pins him in play to allow Nigel to engage in hand to hand.  With an air of confidence that only a man of his experience could display, he lunges at his young foe.  The thief was quicker than he looked as he stepped away from Nigel's thrust, stabbing him in his side before stepping back.  Nigel stumbles backward, more out of surprise than from the minor wound he received.  As he stood there recovering, the thief turns on Shadow, thumping him on the head with the hilt of his dagger, and retreats from the fight.  Shadow collapses into the snow, knocked out cold.  Nigel thinks about pursuing but decides against it: "I must be rusty letting a young whelp like that get the best of me.  Luckily no one witnessed it."  Nigel picks up Shadow and moves back across the bridge, following Alleyne.  Agarn casts Fog to help cover his move.
Nigel and Shadow engage a thief
Agarn helping Nigel
Up on the old ruined bridge, Hatch is heading toward the exit point with a chest strapped to his back.  As he does so, an arrow goes whizzing by his head.  "Keep running.  I got this" yells Doyle.  Doyle advances across a wooden walkway towards the ranger who had appeared on a nearby tower.  As the ranger is reaching for another arrow, Doyle lunges low and strikes the ranger with a decent blow.  He follows through, giving the ranger a shoulder block.  The ranger teeters on one foot before falling from the tower; landing with a loud thud (Doyle won combat and pushed the ranger back 1"; the fall plus the previous damage was enough to take him out of the game). 

Overhead view of the area to Bemis' front
Around this time, the sky was extremely dark and visibility was waning.  Bemis could feel a great surge of magical energy in the air.  He had nothing else to channel it into so he cast Fog to cover Doyle's movement.  Agarn did the same to cover the movement on his side.  Piko heads out the area carrying a treasure chest on his shoulder.

9Toe and Niko are making their way to the exit area when they are attacked by a thief from the Elementalist's warband.  Niko fights and is forced back.  The thief then moves toward 9Toe and his treasure.  Niko jumps in again, and is once more forced back.  9Toe holds his own and forces the thief back.  As 9Toie turns to run away, his mind goes blank momentarily and he starts to head away from the exit.....but he quickly shakes it off and resumes moving back towards Bemis' rendezvous point (The Necromancer's apprentice cast Mind Control but 9Toe made his will save).

Bemis and Agarn continued to back out of the ruins, each casting Fog one more time to ensure no stray arrows or spells would hinder their movement.

Post game photo op with recovered treasure
Four treasures and only one casualty - Shadow - who fully recovered from his encounter with Quail's animal abusing thief.

The treasure haul included: Sword of Undead Slaying, Cloak of Protection, one Grimoire (Grenade), three scrolls (Elemental Bolt, Raise Zombie, and Write Scroll), and 70 gold coins.  Bemis was immensely happy about finding all the scrolls and the grimoire, not so much about the small amount of gold.  He perused all the documents, noting the different writing styles of the scrolls, and admiring the leather detail and binding on the grimoire.  As he was doing so, he felt a tremendous surge of insight (successfully cast Absorb Knowledge).  He couldn't wait to have time to explore the writings in more detail.

Bemis decided he needed to search for a suitable base of operations, an old library or abandoned wizard's tower might work.  He would send some of the lads out in the next few days to scout about for possible locations.

For now, he had some reading to attend to......

A great game only marred by the absence of two of our players.  Bemis, being an academic, lacks damage spells so the addition of Grenade will be closely considered.  It will be a 12 to cast but may come in handy.

Bemis managed to earn 390 experience points:  4 treasures x 50, 50 for being on the table during the eclipse, 9 spells successfully cast x 10, and 50 from Absorb Knowledge.

Nigel's poor performance earned him 20 experience plus his cut of the gold, 7 gold coins.  Maybe some new clothes are in his future.

My apologies for the lack of photos, I got caught up in the excitement of the game.

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Frostgrave Campaign - 2017

Bemis is collector of books, tomes, scrolls - he is an avid reader and spends much of time with his nose buried between the pages.  Except when he is engaged in his other life's passion - magic.  He reads to gain knowledge which in turn expands his abilities as a magic user.  He also likes to write; copying spells, recording his day-to-day activities, and documenting his discoveries.  Though if truth be told, his discoveries have been few in number.  But nonetheless, that has never dampened his desire to learn and experiment.  Which bring us to his current status.....

Bemis had lived Deltenberg for many years but that came to an abrupt end.  After a failed magic experiment caused half the town to burn down (including his own private library much to his dismay), Bemis decides to flee before the authorities find out he caused the fire.  He quickly sells what he can and heads out looking for new adventures - and more books; taking his young apprentice with him.

Agarn was a young orphaned boy grubbing for food in the streets.  A few years ago, Bemis caught him trying to pick his pocket.  Instead of turning him into a toad, or reporting him to the town constable, he decided to give the kid a future and took him on as an apprentice.  With a new sense of self-worth, plus room and board, Agarn was trying his best to be a good student.  He had learned much from Bemis but was still prone to spellcasting errors.  He has never told Bemis that it was his fault the experiment went awry.  Agarn had given his master the wrong ingredient.....

Bemis giving lessons to his young apprentice Agarn
Perched atop an overloaded wagon, drawn by two scrawny donkeys, his travels finally bring him to the outskirts of Felstad.  Here Bemis is told he can find fame and fortune if he has the moxy to brave the dangers of the ancient city.

Bemis first heard of Felstad from a tome that detailed the exploits of a famous Druid who made a name for himself exploring and recovering forgotten treasures.  Much of what he read was later confirmed as even today many of the locals still talk about his legendary exploits.

Bemis has befriended a crusty old campaigner who calls himself Captain Nigel.  Like himself, Nigel has also recently arrived in the area and is looking for employment.  He is leading a band of men he calls the Hawken Free Company.  They do look like a motley assortment of down-on-their-luck ruffians. 

With the easing of the extreme cold weather, the adventuring season will soon to be upon him.  Bemis decides to hire the entire band with what little gold he has remaining.  He hopes he is not making a mistake, only time will tell......

Looking forward to the first game this weekend (14 January 2017).

Friday, December 9, 2016

Forstgrave Campaign Game 11 - The Finale

Well that time has finally arrived - the last game of our year long campaign.  Unfortunately, two of our members were unable to attend.  Our final game was determined several weeks ago - The Library scenario.  And several of us spent many nights making bookcases. 
Bookcase and pile of rotting books - Hey, who threw a copy of Frostgrave on the pile?  So rude!

Another bookcase and a map table

Another bookcase and a new treasure token
We also set the first three wandering monsters to be wraiths just to make things more interesting.  We used the wandering monster number roll of as suggested in the book "Into the Breeding Pits".

And we decided that in addition to everyone bringing three treasure tokens, we all bring three small "Secret Santa" gifts as well to be given out for each treasure a wizard managed to recover.

The pile of gifts
So we got the table set-up using numerous Dwarven Forge sets, placed all the bookcases, and drew for starting locations.

The table it all its glory
A view from the other end
A view of one room
Another room
The map room
Another view of the map room
Here are two other reports from the same game seen through the eyes of other wizards.

Knabe's Arch Nemesis Kodak's report Frostgrave Campaign: Game 11

 Elsa the Elementalist's report  Silence in the Library

And now for Knabe's Report

The excitement and dread of going underground had certainly distracted Knabe and Vogel.  Between the two of them, they both managed fail casting Raise Zombie, Reveal Secret, and failed one attempt at Brew Potion.  Knabe did manage to brew a single potion of Strength and Vogel was able to summon a Snow Leopard to his side which he dubbed Fleck V.  Knabe reached into the potion cabinet and gave a Potion of Invisibility to Vogel and Daggit, a Potion of Burrowing to Pilum, and took a Potion of Healing for himself.  A fox was taken from the kennel (Spent 10 gc to hire a new war hound) to join the group as they departed their base.
Following the old parchment map, Knabe slowly led his party through the ruins looking for a hidden entrance into the underground library of Felstad.  It was said to stretch forever under the city and was a maze of passageways and rooms filled with ancient tomes and other treasures.  But it is also said to be guarded by several wraith-like creatures that are magically bound to the library. 

After removing a few large boulders and other rubble, Knabe and crew found what appeared to be a stairway heading underground.  They cautiously moved down until they reached a battered old wooden door.  Surprisingly, it was not locked and only required the strong shoulder of Keinegnad to swing open.

Knabe and Vogel both failed at casting Raise Zombie - to the extent that both took a point of damage.  Knabe tells Daggit to drink his potion and scout ahead.  So with a quick gulp, Daggit fades from view.  Vogel asks Pilum to try his potion.  Pilum downs the strange concoction (Potion of Burrowing) and finds he is able to walk right through the side of the passage - and disappears.  Worried, Vogel thinks to himself, "I hope he found another room, I forgot to tell him the potion has a limited distance."  The rest of the party moves deeper into the library and spread out in three directions.
Knabe's merry men (and animals) move out to explore
Faenger spots an urn a top a bookcase and moves to retrieve it.  Fleck V, The Fox, and the owl all bound past him and round a corner - never to seen again.  Knabe casts Fog to conceal Faenger's movement as he climbs atop a bookcase to retrieve the urn.
Knabe cast Fog as the rest of the warband spreads out
Meanwhile, Pilum has safely passed through the stone and end up in what looks like a small closet area.  There is a skeleton laying there clutching an old tome.  Hoping it is something valuable, Pilum pries it from the skeleton's dead fingers and places it in his pack.  He moves to the door and listens.
The Fog didn't last very long.  Knabe tries another attempt to Raise Zombie, and again miscasts the spell, and again takes more damage.  Faenger climbs down from the bookcase.
Faenger grabs an Urn while Knabe covers the hallway
Around the corner and off in the distance, Knabe hears a loud whoosh and sees a great flash of light.  He doesn't know what just happened but it can't be good.  As he is pondering the event, a bolt flies out of the shadows, striking him in the shoulder (10 points of damage).  This is followed by a sword wielding maniac moving up to engage him.  Knabe manages to easily defeat his attacker and identifies him as a member of Sister Janet's (Sigilist) band.  Knabe drinks his Potion of Healing.  This passage does not appear to be safe and obviously he and his warband are not alone down here.  Not only that, but a sickening sweet smell of roasted meat is emanating from somewhere around the next corner.  Knabe falls back with Faenger in tow.
Knabe takes down Sister Janet's Infantryman
(What Knabe and crew didn't know:  Fleck, The Fox, and the owl raced through the passageways, stirring up years old dust.  After making several turns, they find themselves in a small alcove.  On the far side of the alcove, standing on a set of step, is a female wizard.  Snarling, growling, and squawking, all three charge forward.  The wizard (Sister Janet) calmly wiggles her fingers and throws her arm forward.  A huge fireball appears and speeds towards the hapless animals.  Scratching and flapping, they try to move out of the way.  WHOOOOOSSSHHHH!!! The fireball explodes and engulfs them all.  Needless to say, it was not a pretty sight as all three were deep fried where they stood.) (I really dislike Elemental Ball)
Fleck and friends spots Sister Janet - she casts Elemental Ball
Fleck and friends get toasted
 Vogel, Uhlmann, Keinegnad, and Bobo have moved down a different passageway and entered a room filled with bookcases....and the sound of loud croaking. "Toads" mumbles Keinegnad, "I hate toads."  Vogel cast Fog towards the far side of the room to help cover their movement.  They also find Pilum, safe and sound, much to Vogel's relief.
The Doctor's thieving warband members stealing Knabe's treasure
 when "Surprise".....or should it be  "CROOAAAKKK"
The toads prevent the theft
Meanwhile, Fritz has plenty of targets to keep him busy.  He misses a wolf, hits and kills an Imp, and finally kills the wolf.
A view of the action
 Uhlmann teams up with Pilum and head towards the exit.  As they traverse the passageway, a shadow (Vashta Nerada) oozes through the wall and attacks Uhlmann.  Uhlmann swings wildly at the creature but is unable to cause any damage.  He does manage to force it backwards.  Knabe sees the fight and moves up with Faenger in tow.  Together they move into combat with shadowy thing.  Faenger distracts the creature just enough to allow Knabe's sword to magically cut through its wisp-like body. They stare as the creature slowly dissipates.

Knabe kills the wraith creature know as the Vashta Nerada
Vogel yelps as an ice toad hops through the wall of fog and heads towards Keinegnad.  "Don't mess up, don't mess up" he says to himself as he quickly makes the proper signs and successfully throws a dart of bone at the monstrosity.  The Bone Dart pierces the toad's eye, its dead before it hits the ground.  Keinegnad moves up and grabs the treasure chest.  The other toad apparently hopped out a side door and disappeared.
An ice toad hops towards Vogel
One dead ice toad
Standing in a four-way intersection, Knabe sees a wild wolf prowling in a side room.  Be sends a Bone Dart in to take it down. On the far side of the same room, a wraith can be seen floating by a bookcase.  In the middle of the room is a treasure.  From out of nowhere, Daggit says, "Cover me Uhlmann and I'll grab the treasure".  Uhlmann says, "Easy for you, you're invisible."  But he cautiously moves forward a bit.  Daggit reappears as he is picking up the treasure.  He turns and runs as fast as he can.  The wraith lets out an ungodly screech, and charges forward - right into Uhlmann.  Activating his Gloves of Casting, Knabe successfully cast Push on the wraith.  The wraith is propelled backwards until it hits the far wall.  Uhlmann runs out past Knabe, muttering under his breath "I need to change my pants".

Knabe, Daggit, and Uhlmann just after the wraith has been pushed away
Knabe signals recall and casts Fog to cover their movement, just in case.  Legio, Pilum, Daggit, Faenger, and Keinegnad all recovered chests, tomes, and an urn.  Our best haul yet from the frozen city.

A final group shot
As Knabe looks over the loot, he ponders what to do next.  Maybe a retirement is in order.  Or who knows, at a future date, he may venture forth again........
What a great game.  As usual, most of the wandering monsters appeared at my end of the table, including two of the three wraiths.  But this just made things more interesting.

Knabe finished the campaign as the highest level wizard - Level 34 with Kodak coming in second (Note: as it should be - Knabe)

Time for a small hiatus for this group of Frostgrave players.  We plan to start a new campaign with new wizards after the first of the year.  Time to start painting a new warband and figuring out what wizard school I'll be using next time.

Thanks for reading along as we journeyed through the ruins of Felstad.  I hope you all tune in next year for the new campaign.  Enjoy the holidays!!