Wednesday, November 30, 2016

The Frostgrave Library - Work in Progress

Been busy making bookcases for the Frostgrave Library scenario - as have several others.

Bookcase building begins
Wonder what made this hole...and is it still around?
This is three linear feet of bookcases
Another bookcase and a map table
Some more bookcases, a pile of old books and a stack
 of books - "no human being would stack books like this"
Still making books to fill the shelves
A laser cut bookcase from "Things from the Basement"
Another bookcase - all the important tomes appear to have been looted. 
And a new treasure token - books of course.

Just a couple days left to finish these up before campaign game day on Saturday.  I got some of the ideas here from the Frostgrave thread on the Lead Adventures forum.

And one last picture...

Scroll storage, rugs, lectern, etc.....

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